Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Craft Cabinet

I'm excited to share pictures of my new craft cabinet with you. But, first let me show you what I started with.
This started out as a computer cabinet with sliding shelves which were perfect for reaching a keyboard or printer. Then we used it in our bedroom for a tv cabinet for awhile. After we remodeled our bedroom it became my sewing cabinet/unorganized craft storage facility.

This new cabinet is from Ikea. Hubby has two just like it for all of his photography equipment and gear review stuff.

Since we share the same work room, and we are trying to keep it as nice looking as possible, I told him I wanted one of the same cabinets for my craft storage. The black canvas bins on top are also from Ikea, and they have a nice zipper around the top to keep everything enclosed. My batting and poly fill stuffing is stored in them. You may not be able to see the pull tabs on the bottom, but it helps Shortys like me to get my things down from that high shelf.

I still need to get some uniform containers to organize my supplies better, which will most likely all be clear so I can see what is inside. So, eventually the interior of the cabinet will look more tidy. Until then you can see that I'm not completely finished with this project.

Since I no longer have the sliding shelves or space deep enough in this shelf unit for my cutting mats and my quilting hoop, Hubby was sweet enough to hang these for me inside the closet door.

I'm excited about the progress so far!