Thursday, March 26, 2009

Answers to Ask Away

Friends, let me say thanks for asking away. It has made me smile sooo big to see the questions that have come my way. Here are some answers to a few more that came in yesterday.

Alicia at Murry Mayhem wanted to know if I could change one thing from my past what would it be and why. Honestly, I would change what an angry and rebellious teenager I was. I'm sure some would argue that it made me who I am today, but I made so many bad decisions when I was in high school solely because I was trying to be overly confident and show the world I was doing just fine. I think back to all the friends and family members I pushed away because of my bad attitude, and see the time I lost just being able to enjoy life with those people. Fortunately, some of those relationships have survived and I've been able to somewhat make up for lost time. But, enough damage was done that I live with regret.

I remember one of my oldest friends telling me when we were in our early twenties how confident I was in high school and how she always envied that about me. I had to chuckle and tell her that I guess I had her fooled back then, because in reality I was one scared and troubled kid. What is that old addage.... we spend our twenties getting over our childhood ills, and our thirties getting over the crap we did in our twenties? Something like that....

Saskia from Saskia's Spot asked how I met Hubby and what do I like most about myself. I actually like telling the story of how I met my Hubs. We were both finishing up our Associates degrees and ended up taking a Backpacking class one mini-mester (condensed college semester) in March of 2003. We met for the first time at a brief orientation for the class. We kept making eye contact while the instructor was going over what to expect, then he followed me out of class to introduce himself a bit more and ask what I was studying. I briefly responded to his question then apologized and said I was in a hurry and had somewhere else I had to be. (That was actually true... that night was my women's Bible study group so I was trying not to miss the entire meeting.) Plus, I was a little embarrassed by his attention and didn't know quite how to respond.

We met again at the official pre-backpacking trip orientation that was held at a sporting goods store, and he introduced me to his best friend, also taking the class, and asked if I wanted to go eat breakfast after that. Once again, I had somewhere else I had to go right after that meeting. My son had a teeball game that I was late for. I asked if I could get his number and give him a call later. I plugged him into my phone thinking he would feel I was giving him the brush-off, but really I just had some scheduling conflicts going on. Later he told me he didn't think I would actually call him, but I did! I really was interested in him...he was so handsome and persistent. (He has the most gorgeous blue eyes!) And, he was so genuine with the way he spoke to me. Anyway, to make a long story short, we began dating during the backpacking adventure and the rest is history. We got married in October of 2004 and will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary later this year.

To answer Saskia's second question... what do I like most about myself. Hmmmm... Well, honestly I am a huge critic of myself. But, I guess most women are, right? I'm fickle about what I like about myself. Some days I like my eyes a lot (they are big and very green), some days I like my hair. A few days out of each year I tell myself I like my figure or my wardrobe. But, I guess all of that stuff is superficial. So, a little deeper I must go! I like my personality. Don't get me wrong, some days I'm a total be-yatch, but for the most part I'm a pretty smiley happy gal. I like to dance around and be goofy. Some of the oddball stuff that comes out of my mouth and my brain just make my family members chuckle and shake their heads. And, I like being that unpredictable goony dork.

So there you have it, some basic tiddly-bits about me and my life. Feel free to keep the questions coming! I'm totally diggin' the personal interaction with you guys. I would also love to know your responses to the same questions, so comment with your answers, too!