Friday, March 20, 2009

Boat Shoes

I am soooo digging my newest addition to the shoe collection. These were a gift from Mom this past weekend while we were in San Antonio. I wanted to put them on right there in the store and wear them out, but I had on skinny jeans and my mom and sis almost threw up when I made the suggestion.

"No! You must wear these with capris, shorts, the new boyfriend style of jeans... Things like that." Oh. It was then explained to me what the new boyfriend style of jeans is. The new style courtesy of Katy Holmes wearing her crazy husband's drawers out shopping.

I'm not as UP on the fashion do's and dont's as Mom and Sis. They try to keep me in tune, but some days I just walk around clueless in whatever garb I decided to throw together.

So, today I'm wearing my boat shoes (a.k.a. Top Siders) to work. With jeans that are turned up because they are a bit long for me. I'm not sure if my outfit would meet with their approval, but I was dying to wear these comfy walk-abouts today. I think I'll keep them on even after I get home, too. I love them that much. Future outfits may have to be coordinated with these shoes in mind.

I think I've gone grandpa. But, I still love these shoes!