Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Recap

It's been a great weekend for me, I am happy to report. A busy one, but a great one. Friday evening The Little Guy's baseball games were rained out so Hubby and I took him out to eat. It was a lovely treat for us since eating out is not something we do all that often. After getting home I worked on hemming some jean capris into shorts. (I have another pair of shorts that are too long that I would also like to hem, but the current hem is a bit decorative and I don't want to goof it up. More planning is required before I can tackle this pair, but I'll take pics so you can see how they come out. I love the print on the seersucker fabric, so I want to make sure I don't ruin the shorts.)

Saturday morning The Little Guy and I headed over to my sister's place to meet up with her and two other bridesmaids. (He was a great sport having to tag along with me!) Sissy was trying on wedding dresses at a couple of local wedding shops. We could only stay for the first appointment because The Little Guy had a baseball tournament to participate in since the fields were now dry. We headed back to our side of town around noon, had lunch, then headed for the ball fields. We made it through three games. In the freezing, windy cold. By freezing I mean upper forties, but the windchill made it feel like the thirties. And, when you're sitting in the stands bundled up in blankets and such...well, it makes for an uncomfy six hours. But we survived. After getting home The Little Guy took a very warm shower to get his blood back to a normal temp, and I made all of us hot chocolate. We piled on the couch with the pups with the intention of watching a movie, but all three of us were ready to pass out. Shivering for that long really can wear you out!

Today has been excellent. Beautiful sunny day, a bit breezy, but the temp is back up to seventy. The Little Guy made breakfast for us before church. A lovely treat! Once we got back home he and I played out in the front yard tossing the football, drawing on the sidewalk (we have thing around our house for skulls and flames...) and spent time with the pups. A bit later all three of us went to Starbucks for a treat, then headed over to Lowe's to pick up some herbs and pepper plants so we could finish our plantings for Spring.

We decided to trim up my favorite willow tree. It looks a lot better now. The height really is noticeable now that we thinned out the bulk. The guys had fun playing with the trimmings. They made a bow out of one of the branches, and The Little Guy whittled some arrows. And, with one of the trimmed branches we planted new little willow. We've heard that willow trees are easy to transplant with cuttings, so I'll let you know how it goes. This is definitely another experiment!

It has been a very enjoyable day spent mostly outdoors. Now its time to plan dinner, and I'm starved!

I hope you all had a great weekend!