Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Southern Sports

Sometimes there is nothing more funny than going to my son's baseball games. I'm sure you're familiar with adults getting totally overstimulated by their kids sports, and have seen some of them practically have a heart attack in the bleachers as they scream and yell and carry on while the children are trying to play a game.

Well, youth baseball in Texas is certainly no exception to these behaviors.

Hubby and I derive a ton of entertainment from some of the things we hear other parents and grandparents say at The Little Guy's baseball games. And, hearing all of this chatter and yelling from a bunch of Texans (or other Southerly-rooted people) really takes the cake.

I think one of our favorite lines was from a dad on a former team (years ago) that was infamous for heckling the umpires, the coaches and the players. He was quite older and had a bit of a drinking problem, according to hearsay. At one game he proceeded to yell to the coaches, "Git 'em that hittin' stick." Referring to letting a child bat, of course. Hubby and I laughed uncontrollably at that one and love to repeat it from time to time.

We are on a new team this season. Some of the faces are familiar but there are a lot of new faces, and voices, too. One guy in particular cracks me up. Over the weekend he was decked out in his cowboy hat, Wrangler jeans and ostrich skin boots for our tournament games. His voice certainly has the Texas drawl to match the wardrobe. To top it off he likes to call everyone "Baby." And, I'm not talking about the other parents in the stands, I'm talking about the boys on the team. He's got a comment for every player and frequently these comments end with "Baby."

"Come on, Baby, c'nect (connect) w'that ball!"

"You're there, Baby, way ta go!"

I would love to record a game for you to provide some audio feed. I think you would crack up right along with us. Just imagine a bunch of the following words in the most Southern drawl you can muster...

Git. (instead of get)
Awwwright! (instread of all right)
Swang. (instead of swing)
C'mon Blue! (pleading with an umpire)

And, the all time favorite of mine.... "Git that hittin' stick!"