Thursday, March 12, 2009

Craving for Crafting

I haven't picked up my crafty stuff since Sunday and I'm really, really missing it. I can't get over just how much I love to make things! Granted, I am a little stuck on those baby caps at the moment, but they are just so comforting to make! And easy breezy! I'm going out of town tomorrow and I'm planning on taking some of my supplies with me so that I can make more on the plane and when I have down time in the hotel.

My mom, my sister, the Little Guy and me are all heading to south Texas for a weekend getaway. Its supposed to be rainy and chilly all weekend, not the best vacationing type of weather, but I can't wait to be reunited with them just like old times. The first trip the four of us took together the Little Guy was five weeks old and we went to Gruene, Texas for a weekend. We strolled around the little town, stayed at a great place called the Gruene Mansion Inn with a beautiful little private porch fully equipped with rocking chairs, overlooking the Guadalupe River. This time we'll be in San Antonio. Mom's got rain panchos ready and waiting! We are going to look so stylish as we tour the Alamo!