Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crocheted Creations

I know its the middle of the week now, but I've finally got some pics to share with you of my crocheted creations this past weekend.

The first pictures are of the cowl collar that I made after seeing the one that Jenni at Simple Beans had made. Mine came out a bit differently, which could be because our yarns were totally different. My yarn is very slippery and wouldn't hold a steady shape very well, so I stitched it into the shape that I liked. Then I added a button because I didn't want to have to pull it over my head. I'm one of those girls that tries to spray her hair just so, and wouldn't want my make up to get on the collar, so the button option was the way to go for me.
The next picture is of the preemie baby caps that I made for the church donation project. I'm hoping to make a total of 10 to donate this month. I got this pattern from Jenni, too. It's very easy to follow and I can whip up one of these in about 40 minutes.
A huge thanks to Jenni for the patterns. (I'm always snagging stuff from her site! She's my craft guru!) This is such a relaxing hobby for me! Now, if I can just get back to finishing that quilt...