Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Share with your friends!

What can I say... I'm in the mood to share a little about myself other than just my opinions. Would you like to see some of my favorite shoes??? Ok, ok... I know you're totally excited. A ginormous thanks to Karen at A Peek at Karen's World for asking me THE first question from my last post... "If you had to give up blogging or chocolate, which would you choose and why? " I must confess I would give up chocolate over blogging! I would be lost without my blog and the blogs that I love to read each day. And, I'm kind of resourceful when it comes to sweets... I love cobblers, pies, gum, jolly ranchers, oatmeal raisin cookies.... I could get around the lack of shock-o-lot rather easily I must admit!

What's that? You demand I share more? You're on!

So here are my new faves, in addition to those top siders I blogged about last week... these little cuties are from Target and are still available for anyone interested. Perfect little comfies for summer if you ask me!The next set are my serious standy-bys. I mean I wear these things all the time. The gray boots are Steve Madden and they look amazing with skinny jeans. I think that's all I've worn them with, maybe with a dress and some tights...can't remember at the moment. The brown pumps, also Steve Madden, I wear to work A LOT! You can probably tell by the scuffs. I'm pretty hard on my shoes. I wear my faves until they are just too embarrassing to be seen out in public in. (Kind of like my toes right now...desparate for a pedicure!)
The little red numbers are some serious faves, too. The suede pumps (more Steve Madden) with the little bows...they totally make me feel like Dorothy from Oz, just without the sparkle. But, they are very painful to wear for more than a few hours at a time. Literally, my big toes go numb. The patent red ones are actually from Guess and I've already worn them once this Spring since the weather is warming. I love the pumps with platforms that make me tall(er)! I'm only 5' 1" tall, so I need all the help I can get.
Another little tidbit... I love looking at this magazine. Nylon. Check it out. I don't really read it from cover to cover, but I look at the fashionable pics and get ideas for different looks that are out there. It's rather punkish, which I'm totally diggin'. Its got a lot of style cues from London in there. I think I was British in a past life. Well, if I really believed in past lives, that is. I just like saying that. Like it gives me an excuse to have alter egos. Who doesn't need a few of those???