Thursday, March 5, 2009

thankful cheese

(In case you're wondering...that's a big thankful cheesy grin from me to you.)

As I was browsing through blog posts this morning, and catching up on some of your writings and thoughts, I was reminded of just how much I freakin' love this blog thing. I know, I know... I've blah...blah...blah'd about it before, but I am just so grateful for being introduced to blogging by my friend MC.

I receive such joy and fulfillment each time I log in to my account...seeing the new stuff from the blogs I follow, thinking of things I want to share with you guys, and most of all reading your feedback! The interaction is amazing, even if we aren't able to speak or see each other. I love it. I was hooked from day one.

So, thanks to all of you for making my life more enjoyable with your words and your thoughts; thanks to all of you for making me smile, laugh out loud, sometimes cry and sometimes wonder where in the heck you are coming from. I love our virtual world.... I really, really do!