Tuesday, August 26, 2008

aaahhh! big smiles for you!

I made it through my run last night...heat and all! Ok, so it wasn't that huge of a run (six laps which is a mile and a half), and there was a slight breeze to knock out some of the heat, but I was grateful to get it over with. This evening the temperature is supposed to be even hotter, but I'm going to stick with it and get another run knocked out. I'm going to try to add some push-ups and sit-ups between laps so it should be a more complete workout. I should do some squats.... but we'll see. It's hard to stay motivated when I don't have anyone there pushing me to keep going.

My son did a pretty terrific job at football practice last night. He pushed through the heat without complaint. He had a huge (and I mean obese) kid land on his face while they were doing tackle drills. The helmet was on but the little guy complained that it hurt. He toughed it out so maybe he can find some humor in it today as long as he can keep "Tiny" at bay in the future. My son was able to tackle "Tiny" at one point last night which I know made him feel very proud. This is his first season to play football so he's definitely encountering a lot of new experiences.

I guess I'll get in the mentality to tough it out, too. It's crazy the mind game I have to play with myself to look forward to working out. And, it's not like I've only been doing this for a few months...I've been running for about a year now. Granted, my motivation has certainly improved during this past year and my running skills have greatly improved, but I still have to psyche myself up to get going and to keep going. The rewards are worth the battle, but geeze.... I keep thinking the struggle will go away and working out and running will just become second nature. I hope that it does. I want running to be like brushing my teeth or putting on my makeup...something I want to do and is also a necessity. (Well, putting on makeup isn't a necessity but I enjoy how I look after I get it on my face.)

Here's to a great workout this evening...an even better one than the day before! : )