Wednesday, August 6, 2008


You know, it's amazing what an outfit can do you!

I am fond of dressing in certain girly fashions...just about anything that has a 1940's look to it is a favorite of mine. (Kind of like some vintage pin up images you can find, just more conservative for day-time than with boobs or garters flashing!)

Today I'm wearing a pencil skirt and a fitted blouse with a high-waisted belt, and I feel good but it isn't one of my most favorite old-fashioned looking outfits.

What's funny is when I left for work this morning I was thinking how I wish I would've heard someone tell me before I left the house that I looked beautiful or pretty today....some kind of compliment. But, I always tell myself I don't need those compliments...they are always nice to receive but I shouldn't be needy about it. (Empower yourself, right?) The wonderful thing is that I did end up receiving compliments when I least expected them. I've gotten two compliments today on my appearance with one friend telling me I looked very chic! It definitely made me sit a little straighter and smile a little more. What a nice surprise!

If you like what someone is wearing, or you think their makeup or hair looks great, make sure to tell them. You may just end up making someone feel a little more empowered!