Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Learning CrossFit

A few months ago I began working out utilizing the CrossFit website with my husband and his best friend "Crumbles". Now, don't get me wrong...I am not as committed as they are, and I don't have access to a workout facility every day, but I am doing what I can. I really love the results and the quick, high intensity workouts.

My dilemma is this...even though the guys invite me to workout with them regularly I feel very inadequate as a workout partner (or better yet a third wheel). I've been told by some CrossFit friends of ours (and my husband) that I'm doing fine, that I should give myself more credit. But, have you checked out the wesbsite lately? www.crossfit.com The chicks on there are so cut and muscular! Obviously they have daily access to a training facility, and are going every day, so their results show. I'm pretty toned, but I work out only three to four times a week, with my workout sometimes only consisting of running. I look at those women, admiring their accomplishments, but just feel a bit down because at this point in my life I can't participate like they can due to financial constraints.

This is what causes me to feel inadequate when I'm working out with my husband. He and his best friend push each other competitively...all the time. I don't get that same push. Sure, they encourage me and help me with form and motivation, but it's not the same. They don't say the same things to me as they say to each other...maybe it's a guy thing. I try hard not to feel like a complete goof ball. Maybe this is something that will pass with time and as I progress with CrossFit. But, at the moment, it is hard to feel amazingly productive working out with two guys who feed off of their competitive workouts when I can't compete with them. I feel like a side show. I want my own workout partner!

There is a CrossFit facility that has opened up near my home, and I have been given the opportunity to work out with some of the regulars a few times. I love the feeling of the group workouts...it's usually men and women of all different training levels, and even though I'm one of the few people doing the scaled down version of the WOD (workout of the day) I feel like I'm part of the group more so than when I'm just with Hubby and Crumbles. I'm not blaming them, it's just the way it is in my head. Something for me to work on...

UPDATE: I worked out with the guys last night (8.5.08) and it went wonderfully! My husband ended up being my coach since Crumbles had a work out date and I loved every minute of it! I feel like he didn't push me like he would've pushed his buddy, but he kept me moving through all three rounds of the workout and encouraged me to try harder the entire time. I look forward to when I can workout like that all the time!