Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unsportsmanlike Conduct!

Ok, so I suck. I ran out of time last night and didn't run. Plus, I had a bit of wine which didn't help matters. Today is a new day and I promise myself that I'll run tonight! And mix in some other exercises. I should really add in squats today.

All in all yesterday was a good day. Work was buys which made time pass quickly, and I got to meet up with some friends after work for a drink. When I got home my husband had dinner ready and I got to catch up with him and my son. Talk about liking the coming home to dinner on the table! I could get spoiled with that stuff! Seriously, I appreciated it very much...very nice of the boys to do for me! Tonight I think I get to help with yard duty since I volunteered to be of assistance. All's fair in love and chores, right?