Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't bother with the scale...

Sometimes I absolutely can't stand my physique! Too often it seems when I'm not paying attention to my weight or how my body looks is when it looks it's best. Let me take on a few good workouts in a week's time and my body looks like mush in the mirror! What's up with that???

I don't weigh myself regularly because I tell how I'm doing by how my clothes fit. If things get a little snug then I lay off eating the extra sweets and try to run a little more. I like being that way, too. I don't feel like I'm bound to a scale. Yesterday when I was getting ready for bed I looked briefly in the mirror while I was changing and my torso looked blobbish. So this morning I didn't look while I was getting dressed. I'm hoping by the time I look again, maybe tonight, I'll see the blob has disappeared and a toned torso will be staring back at me! Perhaps when I leave work today I'll change into something pin-up-ish before I run my errands. Skinny leg pants and high heels always make me feel sexy, even if I'm cursed by the blobs!