Sunday, August 23, 2009

Apologies for the past two cheesy posts...

Yes, I know... my last two posts were total copouts. My sincerest apologies. But, what was an overly-inspired-home-re-stager to do? Let me explain...

Hubby and I had big plans this weekend. You see, we've grown complacent with decorating since we moved in over three and a half years ago, and have let the dust settle too deeply. Granted, we've repainted rooms, added hardware to cabinets, and moved furniture around before but not in a very long time.

So this weekend we pledged to list some big items on Craig's List that have been crowding our spare room and make that room something functional for both of us.
We had both of these things in our guest room, along with my sewing table. My sewing table folds out to twice its size so Hubby uses it for blog videos and photo shoots. His blog has been quite successful, which means there are lots more videos and gear reviews for him to complete, which means that tactical gear needs more space than what the attic man-room will permit. Plus, I'm sure you can imagine that the heat in an attic man-room in August in Texas is quite overbearing. So, the gear has come down and I'm learning to call my sewing stuff "gear", too. In other words, we are sharing this "gear" room.

I must confess I was a bit intimidated at the idea of giving up my sewing room, but I knew it was a necessity. Then I saw the truly brilliant sparkle in Hubby's eyes as he was chucking gear down the attic stairs, dripping with sweat. Then, once the gear was securely piled in the spare room he was on the verge of shouting "hooyah!" I could feel it! So, how can I deny the man such joy? I know it will come back to me ten-fold. I'm confident of it. And, actually it already has begun.

Hubby suggested that we re-stage our bedroom. (Insert squealing jumping for joy noise-making here!) I've been dying to take down this huge mirror we've had hung over our bed for years. It was hung way too high so I couldn't see myself when I would walk by. How depressing is that for a short stack of a woman? Anyway, Hubby did not want to jack with this until yesterday. Then we moved our bed, moved everything else around, and started making a plan for replacing our over-worn bedding and adding curtains. Of course, those steps will come after our items sell on Craig's List, so I'm hoping for a big sale just any second now.

Please stay tuned, more pics of the re-staging will follow very soon. And, if you're in the market for an "elegant three-piece bookcase/shelf unit" or a "Tama Rockstar drum set" shoot me an email. I'll hook you up!