Friday, August 7, 2009

Soooo real day dream... while driving

Yesterday on my way home from work I was doing my usual... listening to NPR and zoning out. Commuting is pretty boring so that's how I muddle through most days. Anyhoo... I zoned out on whatever report was coming through my speakers and started visualizing Hubby & I meeting these friends of ours for drinks.

If you have an On the Border chain around you then you can picture the bar area, because that's where we were in my head since that's where we met up with this couple the last time we had drinks. As my day dream unfolded, the four of us were sitting at a tall round table chatting and having a beverage. Mine was a frosty draught beer in one of those big schooners. Then I pictured myself lifting up the big glass to take a drink and inhaling wrong, causing me to choke while my face is planted inside my beer. Instinctively (in the day dream) I turned my head to the left and coughed beer all over the face of Hubby, who was smiling and laughing as we chatted with friends. (Or perhaps he was laughing because I was choking, in which case spewing beer at him would be appropriate.)

The point of telling you my day dream while driving is to tell you that at that very point, when I saw myself spewing beer in Hubby's face while I choked on beer, I laughed out loud at myself in the car. Not just a chuckle. A loud-lean-forward-two-full-second kind of laugh that startled me.

I'm not so spooked by the fact that I laughed at myself, I guess. I laugh at my own jokes all the time because I crack myself up, and my family calls me a dork when this happens, but that's ok. I'm cool with it.

The spookier part is that I was so zoned out that this played in my mind's eye like a situation comedy. I couldn't tell you what car was in front of me, how fast I was going, or if I could've broadsided someone. I was THAT zoned out.

Is this common? Do you crack yourself up and zone out in such a way that could bring harm to passers by? I'm just curious. Feel free to tell your story so that I might feel more normal.

And enjoy your Friday evening! You might be entertained to know that Hubby and I are really having drinks with this couple that I was day dreaming about, and we're really meeting at an On the Border, and I really plan on having a big schooner of beer. I'll let you know if I choke and blow foam on Hubby. I sincerely hope that really doesn't happen because the pay back would be monumental, and I would certainly not be the last person laughing.