Friday, August 28, 2009

Note to self: don't break your own rules

Last night I went to one of my spin classes. I decided to wear this sports bra top that I've worn before. However, in the past when I've worn it I've layered something else underneath, either a real sports bra or another sports bra top that is really just a layer of wicking. My thinking was that since I would be on a bike I wouldn't need extra support.

I was soooo wrong.

Thank goodness the room my class is held in is dark except for the spotlight on the instructor because I had a serious jiggle syndrome going. And some of you may remember from this rant that having the jigglies is one of my pet peeves when a woman is exercising.

My class was an hour long, and throughout that hour I kept thinking I was cleaving out and was bouncing way too much. It was so uncomfortable and I couldn't wait to get through the workout.

So, a new note to self... support the twins whether you're running or spinning. You're working out, right? Therefore extra support is a necessity. My next spin class will not include thoughts of being uncomfortable. I'll just be able to enjoy the ride.