Monday, August 24, 2009

Football Mom

I had an epiphany this morning on my way to work, and as with other epiphanies I've had in the past, I found myself thinking, "Blog about that!"

Let me start at the beginning. The Little Guy was at his dad's house this morning, so I stopped by there on my way to work to wish him well since it's the first day of the new school year. The Little Guy stumbled out into the living room to say hello and give me hugs, and we chatted for a little while about him being nervous. He was worried he wouldn't find his classes and be in the right spots at the right times.

I wasn't able to stay long since I have to be to work so early, and I found myself negating my situation of being a "career mom" as I got in the car to leave. As I drove away I began wishing I was a stay-at-home-mom (or at least a work-from-home-mom) instead, and I was dwelling on the issue of doing the right thing. Was it right to make sure I was at work on time, or was it right to use some personal time to take my son to his first day of sixth grade? Last year (fifth grade) was the first year that I didn't use personal time to take him to school and walk him in. I thought he was getting old enough that I would be more of an embarrassment, so I didn't let myself worry too much about it.

This year I was feeling regretful. Then I started thinking about these two young dads that work with me, and I didn't remember seeing them request time off for taking their kids back to school today. (I'm the Human Resources Manager so I see these things.) I knew from past experience they had just called in to use a couple of hours of personal time.

I felt guilty for not doing the same. I also felt angry that we had a new employee starting today, and one of those guys is the supervisor to whom the new person reports, and he wasn't going to be there on time. I was right, he was over two hours late. I took care of the new employee orientation and all was well.
But as I was stewing over things that I could no longer change, I realized something. I've been complaining about not wanting to be the Team Mom for The Little Guy's football team this season. I've been the baseball Team Mom for more seasons than I can count, and I know the football Team Mom has a ton more to keep up with than the baseball Team Mom. So, I've felt I've paid my dues and shouldn't be asked AGAIN to be the Team Mom. But, this is my moment to share something with The Little Guy since I can't share school stuff. Team Mom stuff is after-hours. I can do that. What am I worried about? I'm sure there will be aggrivating parents to deal with at times, but I'm going to change my focus. I'm going to be proud to be the Team Mom this season. Next year The Little Guy will be in junior high sports (OMG I feel so old!), so I think that means no more Team Mom needed, right? I think I'll just take this opportunity to revel in still being able to help my son out, and be part of what he enjoys.

And you know what, maybe that will be the better option after all when I compare school activities to sports activities. He can't stand school, but he loves sports. Especially football. Yep, I'm proud to be part of that.