Thursday, August 13, 2009

I missed my anniversary!

My first blog anniversary, that is. August 5th of last year was when I got started. I can't believe the last year has flown by so quickly! Actually, I guess I can... I have those types of reality checks on a daily basis as I wonder how it's already tomorrow.

This blog has evolved quite a bit from it's inception, I'm happy to say. I started with just having a place to vent, and then I found more poignant things to post about like wanting to do Crossfit workouts (insert laugh here...), and then it took another turn to write about crafty things and such. I've gone from being totally anonymous to showing some face (like the above work of art entitled "Just Dork").

I really enjoy blogging and reading your blogs. I love how there are such vast topics out there to see each day, some reality-inspired sites versus the totally fictitious ones. I can't say I'm a fan of the overly dramatic ones as I like to keep my life as mundane as possible, but I do enjoy the variety. I find that its better than any magazine or newspaper subscription I can find. Well, my subscription to Nylon is pretty fulfilling these days, but I don't read it near as often as I read from my blog roll.

Another interesting tidbit is that both my husband and my sister have blogs now, too. Not that I was the only source of inspiration for them since they are pretty technically savvy, but I like to think that my emphatic response to blogging did send them a bit of encouragement for beginning their own. I can honestly say that blogging has been a life changer for me. I'm so much more introspective and creative since beginning this journey. What about you????