Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Or you can call me (insert nickname here)....."

For some reason nicknames are popping up all around me today. I was just having a conversation with a friend about nicknames, and then I came across a post from A Cup of Jo today about the same topic. So, it made me want to share and ask you to do the same.

What is your favorite nickname? Either something you are called, or a name you call someone dear to you.

I've had so many over the years. Some of them have been very meaningful and some of them have been down right insulting even though they stuck with me for years! Why is it that the ones that are most embarrassing and scarring are the ones you hear over and over from certain people?

I'll start with my first nickname... Pooter Joe. My Papa George, bless his Heavenly soul, is the one who tagged me with that one. He called me Pooter right up until he passed away. Piss'aint is another one given to me by my Great Granny Bynum, but I think she called a lot of her grandkids that. She's resting in peace now, too, by the way. P'servant was another term of endearment she labeled a lot of us. (My mom still likes to repeat those when she's talking to her kids and grandkids.) I have no idea what a P'servant is, but a piss-aint from what I understand is one of those little sugar ants. Maybe that's a southern thing... Another memorable nickname for me was and still is Kelkel. My parents mostly call me this, and I have one good friend from Oklahoma who still calls me Kelkel. I think that one is my most favorite nickname of all since its used by very few people and they've known me all my life.

As I got into junior high school the undesirables began to attach themselves to me... Then in high school even more came my way. Bubbles and Tig (both related to being overly endowed in the breasticle area) were ones that I hated. Tig stuck with me until I was well into my 20's. Thankfully by the end of that decade I had a bit of a "reduction" and so now I'm of normal proportion.

Hubby calls me Babe most of the time, which is also what I call him. And my sister always calls me Sissy, which is also what I call her. Sometimes our mom will refer to each of us as Sister, which cracks me up since she's usually goofing around when she says that.

I've got lots of nicknames for The Little Guy... Dootsie is my all time favorite, short for Dootsie Bug. He's also known as Toontsie the Cat.

I just can't help it, I love nicknames! I love having them and I love calling my friends and family members by anything BUT their real name it seems. I'm not sure why. Maybe its a sign of not wanting to be serious most of the time. What about you?