Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Little Guy & Axel

My other two babies... Since I posted yesterday about Sushi, I felt it only fitting that I share my other children, The Little Guy & Axel, with you guys this weekend, too.
As you can see, Axel thinks he's just as human as his brother, taking over the couch as he feels necessary. Axel is quite verbal like his brother, too. He literally tries to have conversations each day, especially if we get busy on the computer or working on something that directs attention away from him. It's pretty funny to hear Axel's groans and grunts while he moves his mouth and head around. The Little Guy is an entertaining conversationalist, too. Not only does he enunciate his words well, he's someone who talks with his hands, so descriptive stories can get quite interesting at times. He cracks me up on a regular basis. Actually both of these fellas crack me up all the time!