Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sewing Updates

I'm participating in a virtual sewing bee with eleven other ladies, and each of us are assigned a month where we provide fabric and instructions to the rest of the group to make a quilt block. When the blocks are completed they are sent back to the fabric owner. My month was July and here are some pics of the fabric I sent out and some of the blocks that were sent back.
The August block was for one of our other group members, and here is the fabric she sent me. I'm not quite finished sewing the first block together, but here are the major pieces laid out for you to see.
There is enough fabric left over that I can make a second quilt block, too. I haven't decided if I'll make exactly the same block. I think I want to make a different design. The owner gave everyone free reign on design, with the instruction that she's going for an Amish quilt look. I was shocked to see how many Amish quilt blocks you can make out of just two colors of fabric. It's really been a fun project to work on.

Here is a picture of another quilt I've started. My mom picked up this fabric for me a couple of months ago along with a quilt pattern to follow. I've modified the pattern a bit by making strip blocks instead of just long strips. As you can see, my pups decided I was making them a pallet while I was trying to snap some pics.
And, I have two other quilt projects going that I haven't shown here. I can hear what you're thinking... this girl needs to finish one project at a time. I know, I know... I'm working on that strategy. It just hasn't quite caught on yet.