Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coldplay on CBS

CBS has great news shows in my opinion. I'm a huge fan of watching CBS Sunday Morning on the weekends. I don't always get a chance to watch it, but I try to make it happen as often as possible. That show makes me feel enlightened and educated most of the time, and I love that feeling!

I also like to check out 60 Minutes on Sunday nights. That's another show that makes me feel like I'm being an educated viewer. This past Sunday evening Coldplay was featured on 60 Minutes. It was such a great report! I've never seen any footage of this band before, just heard them on the radio and on Hubby's iPod. I've liked their sound, but honestly I haven't really "rocked out" to them before on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, I attempt to sing along when they are playing on the radio, but that's about as far as my attraction went.

Now that I've seen the report from CBS on them I want to become a dedicated fan. Not that they need my praise at this point, but they've got it. Want to know what hooked me, other than liking their sound? When Chris Martin (CBS reporter) noted that they are consistently ridiculed in the British tabloids for being a dull band, not your typical rock star variety. They don't get into the druggie-alcoholic-sleazy women scene if you know what I mean. They work to make music, and they try to live normal lives with their families.

I adore that about this band. Kudos to you, members of Coldplay, for being REAL and taking your personal commitments seriously. I love that about you guys. And I dig your tunes.

Check out the video... I think you'll like them more after seeing it, too!