Monday, August 17, 2009

Missing the fam...

Today is the day that The Little Guy goes back to his dad's house for the week... he'll come back home with me and Hubby next Monday. (We do the joint custody thing in case you missed one of those older posts...) Mondays when he goes back are always a little strange for me. An emptiness surrounds me for a while when I get home. Then it morphs into missing more than just my son... I miss my mom and sis, too. My sister lives pretty close, but not close enough to just pop in and say hi. And Mom is a thousand miles or so away.

I was buzzing through some older pics while feeling brain dead and found this one... Sissy, Mom and me at my step-dad's 50th birthday which was a couple of years back, but we all still look about the same. And act just as huggy and goofy when we're together. Actually, not huggy enough for my taste, but my little sister thinks I'm too big of a dork if I get overly mushy. I keep telling her one of these days she'll get more attached.... I'm waiting patiently until then.

And here's another cute pic of The Little Guy. He was sporting a new look while out shopping with Hubby and Granny (my mom) not too long ago when Mom was in town. I miss you, Dude.

And, Hubby... beware. I'm sure I'll be a little clingy this evening when I get home.