Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm not sure if you're familiar with Tokidoki, but I absolutely love this brand. Here are a couple of my favorite t-shirt designs that I purchased recently...

If anyone who knows me needs Christmas gift ideas, I'd gladly take one of these calendars... Actually, I'd appreciate just about anything from their site.
I love the tattoos on the women in their images, too. Bright colorful artwork... right up my alley!

These skateboards are really cool, but my skating abilities aren't, so these would probably have to be wall decor. The boards highlight some of the tattoo artwork that I really like.
Hubby purchased the vinyl versions of Ciao Ciao and Adios for me last Christmas (you can see them in the first t-shirt image, Ciao Ciao is in pink and Adios is in black). They have so many cute toys, even some Hello Kitty options, that I would love to have. Check out Mozzarella when you have a chance. Evidently this fella is hard to find, but I want one!