Sunday, August 2, 2009

As American As Apple Pie

Today was a great Sunday... The Little Guy made omelets for us this morning for breakfast, and you should know he's really quite good at making them! Then we were off to take care of some stuff in the big city. Once we got home we finally were able to make a homemade apple pie that we've been talking about for most of the last week.

First we were going to make it Friday night to take to our friends house on Saturday night. Then we decided to make it on Saturday so it would be more "fresh." Saturday was full of so many things, including the movie G-Force, that we ran out of time to bake the apple pie since it needed two hours to cool after baking, and we needed to be at our next stop at six that evening. (We settled on making some chocolate chip cookies instead... they were a big hit with our friends!)

So, Sunday afternoon was the designated time to actually make it.

It was sooooo worth the wait.

Flaky crust just like the old Crisco commercials. But, I must confess I cheated with the pie crust. I have only Pillsbury to thank for their wonderful boxes of two rolled out & ready to go crusts. But, the rest of the pie was made from scratch, I promise. With Betty's instructions, of course.

We sliced it just before the two hour mark when it was still a tad bit warm. Such yummy goodness, I can't even fully explain it. I highly recommend this little Sunday project when you have a chance. You won't regret it!